Oscar Week: Food Inc. Director Robert Kenner

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Director of Food Inc. Robert Kenner

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Do you think it's a matter of people not knowing the true costs of a cheap meal or do they just not have many other choices because chips are cheaper than broccoli?
I think it's a product of people not knowing. I don't think it's a coincidence that there's been a concerted effort on the part of the industry to keep the consumer disconnected from their food. All the advertising that goes into promoting healthy food which is made up of sugar, salt and fat — it's very confusing to navigate this system, and it's done on purpose.

How do we get people to eat in season?
There are a few levels, one is as consumers become more conscious, hopefully we can force these grocery stores to start labeling. Where does the food come from? Is it from South America? Is it from China? Who makes it? What's in it? And as we start to get this information, it'll become easier and easier for consumers to start to make choices. In Food Inc., we're not telling people what they should eat. We're saying people should have the right to know what they eat. And they should know the consequences of what they eat. Cigarettes are now labeled: This is damaging to your health. This food is really no different. You cannot afford health care in this country and continue the same food system that we have.

You've mentioned that you've tried being a vegetarian and that you're also sometimes a "flexitarian." What's your status now?
[Laughs] I haven't really tried being a vegetarian to be honest. Personally, I want to eat food that's grown fairly. I'm trying to eat things that are in season. I'm trying to buy it from local sources whenever possible. Cooking at home is one of the great answers. Eating with your family is one of the greatest things we can do. We're going to have better food, and we're going to have a better social situation than eating while driving in your car.

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