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O T H E R   F E A T U R E S

Wounded in Action
The Iraq war ended Britain's love affair with Tony Blair, but it didn't stop him winning a historic third term

Ten Years On
How South Africans are still divided by race

Across The Divide
A year ago, a mostly Moroccan terror cell carried out the Madrid bombings. How Spain and Morocco are trying to prevent young immigrants from doing it again

Promises to Keep
With some nudging from activists, European politicians try to make good on pledges to Africa

The 34-Year Courtship
Charles and Camilla are finally to wed.

Davos 2005
TIME reports from the World Economic Forum's annual meeting

The Orange Revolution
Why Russia, the U.S. and Europe care so much about Ukraine's disputed election

Can Football Survive?
The forces of globalization are challenging the old ways

Best and Worst
TIME's Richard Corliss looks forward to new movies for 2005

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Jan. 15, 2006 | Vol. 169, No. 1
Iraq: What's Behind Bush's Last Stand
Somalia: A Fragile Hold On Power
Belarus: The Mood in Minsk Turns Gloomy
Essay: Heroes Are Only Human
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