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European Business Readership Survey (EBRS)
The European Business Readership Survey (EBRS) provides marketing information on the business responsibilities and readership behavior of the most influential business decision makers in Europe. Data is collected via a postal questionnaire. (EBRS universe size: 423,034).

EBRS was established in 1973, making it the longest running of all European media surveys. Whilst it targets a narrower audience than other pan-European surveys, the elite scope makes it invaluable for media planning for advertisers aiming at a more upscale demographic.

European Media and Marketing Survey (EMS)
Published annually, EMS is Europe's largest and most in-depth survey providing an insight into the purchasing behavior, lifestyle, attitudes and media consumption of 40 million of the most affluent and influential people across 16 European countries.

Launched in 2000, the Europe series is the newest addition to pan-European syndicated surveys. With data released on an annual basis, Europe targets an upscale audience of over 10 million individuals. Using a method of telephone screening and postal questionnaires (with additional telephone interviews to collect TV viewer ship data), information is collected on media consumption (print, TV, internet), along with marketing data including demographics, business, travel and lifestyle statements.


CMR International Report
This service tracks the advertising activities in major international publications worldwide and provides valuable information on competitive spending and media selection. Data is updated monthly.

Starch Readership Studies
Offered to select advertisers, Starch explores impact, branding, and reader involvement with ads appearing in TIME Asia and TIME EMEA. Starch readership studies measures the extent to which advertisements are seen/read and may be compared with other advertisers appearing in same issue. Limited opportunities are available to advertisers to ask proprietary questions regarding branding, competitors, or the marketplace.

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