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Custom Reprints
Did you read something in TIME that you would like to share with customers, business partners, colleagues or employees?

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Custom reprints of TIME articles offer a unique marketing tool: The authority and brand recognition of the world's most widely-read weekly newsmagazine, highlighted by your own company’s message, name and logo. Reprints contain all the color and visual quality of the original article. Your own communications can work harder with the aid of the authority and reader involvement of TIME.

Minimum order: 1,000.

For custom reprints or photocopy permissions, contact your TIME representative or:

EMEA - Mark Evans
Tel: (44) 127 373 1951
Fax: (44) 127 373 4525

Asia - Dora Chung
Tel: (852) 3128 5169
Fax: (852) 3128 5002

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