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TIME EMEA is the number one news magazine in circulation across the region.

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TIME EMEA Circulation: 555,000 Audience: 1,665,000

Worldwide Editions Global Circulation: 5,190,000 Global Audience: 26,968,000

EMEA Circulation

Country Publisher's Statement
British Isles (inc Ireland)  143,000
Germany 95,000
France 76,000
South Africa 59,000
Italy 29,000
Netherlands 14,700
Sweden 15,400
Belgium/Luxembourg 14,300
Spain 14,000
Switzerland 12,000
Norway 11,200
Finland 7,900
Portugal 7,500
Austria 7,200
Denmark 6,400


Source: Projected Jan-Dec 2005 circulation

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Note: Worldwide figures are based on projected Jan-Dec 2005 circulation.

C I R C U L A T I O N   H I G H L I G H T S

TIME Asia is the number one news or business magazine in circulation across the region.

In Canada, we bring TIME's editorial and reporting standards to bear on issues we think are both truly national in scope and international in importance.

South Pacific
TIME is the only international newsmagazine available to advertisers targeting the entire South Pacific.

TIME remains the undisputed leader among newsmagazines

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