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Mechanical Requirements

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Mechanical Requirements

Dimensions and Film Specifications
Digital Ad Specifications
General Production Information

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Bleed Units

Type or illustrative matter not intended to bleed must be kept 10mm from the trim edge.

Facing Pages (Spread)

Type or illustrative matter on facing pages should not be closer than 2mm to the spine on each page which provides 4mm total separation. Any image exceeding this area could possibly be lost in the center, producing an unsatisfactory result.

Digital Ad Specifications

Digital resources on file formatting & creation techniques, on preflight settings and color management can be found at our digital advertising website on http://direct2.time.com

General Production Information

1. All film, proofs and progressives will be destroyed six months after the last cover date unless TIME has received written instructions to return material immediately after insertion or to hold the material for a specific future date (not to exceed one year from the last cover date).

2. The Publisher reserves the right to match second and fifth colors by using process inks.

3. TIME reserves the right to crop up to 5mm from either side of bleed material to compensate for trim variations.

4. Due to mechanical tolerances, the alignment of type or design or precision of folding from page to page on spreads cannot be guaranteed in all copies.

5. Reproduction quality is at the advertiserís risk if TIMEís specifications are not met or if material is received after closing date, even if on extension.

6. Queries concerning printed reproduction should be submitted within three weeks of the cover date.

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