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Special Positions
TIME is able to offer guaranteed special positions and adjacencies to specific editorial features.

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Guaranteed special positions including edit adjacencies carry a 15% premium and are subject to editorial approval and availability. (There is a 20% premium to appear within a special report.)
  • Contents
  • Center spread
  • Notebook
  • First double page spread
  • Letters
  • First right hand page
  • Others - See Adjacency Opportunities below
Editorial calendars, contents and frequency of features listed on this online media kit are subject to change at the discretion of the editors; contact your local representative for the most current information available.

Adjacency Opportunities for 2006

Guaranteed adjacency positions carry a 15% premium; minimum commitment: 6X

Some category exclusivity provisions may apply, consult with the Publisher.

TIME Online
TIME Global Adviser
Sports Watch

TIME Online

Highlights of coming attractions on TIME's regional websites. Special features, photo essays and web-only interviews are just some of the online offerings which complement TIME offline.

Appears weekly.


TIME's compendium of breaking stories. Amusing takes on the news incorporating Worldwatch, Biz Watch and Milestones.

Appears weekly.

TIME Global Advisor

A mix of stories from around the world including regular pieces on travel, money, family and the latest on tech and lifestyle trends. Aimed at TIME's audience of global mobile elite.

Appears weekly.

Sports Watch

An overview of sporting events from around the region including behind the scenes looks at the movers and shakers in the sports world.

Appears regularly.


Who's hot and who's not and what they did to attract attention.

Appears weekly.

Check with your local representative for availability. For Asia, minimum edition for adjacency buy is Asia ex-Japan.

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