The Economic Crisis and You: Send Us Your Photos

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Kevin Clark / The Washington Post / Getty Images

TIME is putting together a feature about how the economic crisis has affected ordinary (and extraordinary) Americans. Show us a photo that illustrates how your life has changed. Cutting back? New job? Staycation? Tell us your story.

Before sending in your photo, please read the guidelines below.

1. Provide your name, an e-mail address and a phone number with the submission.

2. Provide a description of what is happening in the photo, the date it was taken (or an approximation) and why you feel it illustrates your situation.

3. The deadline for submissions is Oct. 15, 2010.

4. You may submit more than one photo, but do not send more than five.

5. Photos should be between 500K and 1Mg.

6. Use the body of the e-mail to provide your contact info and tell your story.

7. Send the photo(s) as an attachment to:

Look for the final results on Nov. 1, 2010.