Smart-Phone Smackdown!

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Apple's iPhone vs. Palm's Pre

Contender: Palm Pre
Palm says its new Pre is the first phone built to simulate the Web itself


Cool interface
Apps look like cards, and you can run a dozen at a time

Handles data better
Cleveryly mashes up Facebook, Gmail and Exchange contacts and calenders

Keyboard and touch
Just start typing on the slider keyboard to find anything


Still needs work
As with any new cutting-edge gadget, expect bugs for some months to come

Few apps
A little more than a dozen programs are available at launch

No good games
It will be years before the Pre can compete as a game console

Champion: Apple iPhone
Apple's iPhone, linked to an App Store with 50,000 programs, was the game changer in the race to build a better smart phone


Looks great
You can't find a smarter-looking smart phone

Works great
It's as smart on the inside as on the outside. Stable too

Keeeps growing
There's an app for just about anything you can imagine


E-mail is a mess
A fix is in the works, but so far you can't search messages

Needs a keyboard
Some people are error-prone on touchscreens

No multitasking
You can launch only one app at a time, which is frustrating