This Is Why You're Fat

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Americans are tired of being called obese, tired of the stock footage on the local news channel of headless people with unsightly bulges and tummy rolls (wait, was that me?). We get it. We eat too much crap. Maybe they should start showing exactly how bad that crap is on the news, then it might make a difference. That's where "This is why you're fat" comes in. Warning: Don't eat before, during or after you've seen this blog.

At its subtlest, the food featured on the site — gathered from various submissions or happened-upon sickening recipes — can be as gentle a dietary poke as a two-foot tower of oreo creams in between two pieces of oreo cookie. It's like a chocolatey metaphor for America being way-beyond double-stuffed. But before you're even ready to take in the atrocities of 7 lb. breakfast burritos and the jawdropping Turbaconucken (yes, a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey, all wrapped in bacon), you're exposed. And it will haunt you. As will the deep-fried candy bars, the over-representation of bacon and a ship made entirely of meat that might actually be all the world's heart attacks collected in a bowl. If you're inspired, post your own "nasty goodness," otherwise, drop the cheesecake on a stick and have some broccoli.

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