Turning the iPhone into the xxxPhone

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Several leading porn players are prepping for iPhone 2.0.

Vivid, a leading adult entertainment company based in Los Angeles, says that 50% of its mobile browser traffic now comes from iPhones. The company expects that to grow with the release of Apple's new model on July 11. Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch told TIME that his company will launch what it calls a "supersite" this summer to capitalize on the new iPhone. Vivid is investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in the new supersite, Hirsch says.

Penthouse is investing tens of millions in digital R&D, says its CEO, Marc Bell. "The iPhone is a beautiful medium," Bell says. The company, which Bell says partners with 60 carriers in 30 countries, now owns an array of social networks under the "Friendfinder" banner. It plans a new portal pegged to the iPhone launch and new offerings that Bell boasts are unlike anything on the market. "We're planning a whole new level of interactivity," says Bell.

Digital Playground, a high-end adult production company based in Van Nuys, California, is launching a new portal that will automatically adjust to the iPhone's browser. The company, which has partnerships with phone networks in 48 countries, according to founder Ali Joone, already takes in about $50 million in revenue annually. Joone says he is editing some videos to include more close-ups to suit the iPhone screen. "In your palm, the iPhone is more cinematic than other devices," Joone says.

Pink Visual, also based in Van Nuys, will likewise launch a new portal aimed at the 3G iPhone this summer. The company's first iPhone site has been attracting 3,000 new visitors a day. It was designed specifically for Apple's device: the videos are re-sized to fit its horizontal screen when the device is turned sideways. An icon can be downloaded to an iPhone's home screen, says spokesperson Kate Sylvan, enabling one-click access to porn clips on the phone. In order not to offend Apple's sensibilities, Sylvan says, Pink Visual plans to avoid linking its new marketing campaign to Apple's own ads for the iPhone. Sylvan says many porn consumers access adult materials on their iPhones while traveling, because they're wary of using company-issued laptops or public computers to access adult entertainment.