Web Guide: Real Estate

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WHOLE LOTTA HOUSE: In Indianapolis, $509,900 buys this five-bedroom, 4,625-sq.-ft. Colonial on half an acre


Realtor.com: Real Estate 101
This real-estate listing site, run by the National Association of Realtors, offers tutorials on financing, buying and selling, home styles, price factors and more for those new to the world of real estate

Realty Times
Realty Times features a stable of columnists and advice for those in the real-estate market

With links to nearly every type of real-estate site, this index is one of the most comprehensive ones online

International Real Estate Digest
Extensive listings of brokers, real-estate agencies, blogs and hundreds of real-estate sites across the globe

CraigsList Housing Discussion Group

House prices, home valuations and property value information


BankRate.com Calculators
Figure out what you can afford to pay for a home or property —and then calculate your mortgage.

SmartMoney Mortgage Calculator
Use this site to decide what you should be paying for your property

Find maps of available housing with this service from Google Maps and Craigslist

Get a bird's-eye view of a property using its address, then find data on real estate in the area you select


Technorati Tag: Real Estate
Search blogs that have real-estate content tagged by Technorati

Billed as "the original real-estate blog", real-estate agent Hanan Levin in Southern California runs this blog on behalf of the three-person agency where he works. The blog offers commentary on the real-estate industry, with tips and tactics for selling or buying properties, as well as general sites of interest on all topics under the sun

The Housing Bubble 2
Arizonan Ben Jones blogs on the white-hot real estate market and its impact on the larger economy

Real Estate Memoirs Blog
Local real estate agents from various markets contribute to this blog, which also offers a Statistic of the Week and tips for selling or buying property direct from agents themselves