Karen Bleier / AFP / Getty Images
Republican presidential hopeful Rep. Ron Paul of Texas speaks Nov. 16, 2011 during a healthcare event on Capitol Hill in Washington.

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Ron Paul Says No to Donald Trump Debate


Is Our Energy System Locked In to Climate Change?

The International Energy Agency released its annual World Energy Outlook yesterday, and it made for depressing reading if you care about the future of the planet Read more

Occupy Protesters Mobilize National Day of Action: Inside Thursday Morning's March on Wall Street

When New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg authorized the city's police force to move in and bring an end to the near two month occupation of Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan, he struck at the symbolic heart of a movement. Read more

Tuned In

Eddie Murphy to Host Academy Awards

In one of the most stunning news flashes since the shooting of Buckwheat, Eddie Murphy has been announced as the host of the next Academy Awards broadcast, next Feb. 26 on ABC Read more