Grammys, Go Get Some Fun!

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Grammy gal: Country singer Shelby Lynne is nominated for best new artist

The Grammy nominations are in — and they show just how out of it the Grammys really are. There are some welcome nods on the list — the alternative country singer-songwriter Shelby Lynne got a well-earned nomination for best new artist, as did neo-soul cult star Jill Scott, and the British art-rock band Radiohead got a nomination for album of the year for its brilliant "Kid A." But it's too bad the Grammy folks saw fit to reward Eminem with an album of the year nod for his middling "The Marshall Mathers LP." First, the CD isn't all that great — the beats are a bit tired and the jokes wear out quickly. Second, its gay-baiting and women-bashing make it a mere soundtrack for school bullies.

R&B fans should also be disappointed to see that D'Angelo's terrific "Voodoo" — the best album of 2000 — wasn't given album of the year consideration. The hip-hop/hard rock band Rage Against the Machine was also shafted for their fine album "The Battle of Los Angeles," which is a far more daring work than Eminem's.

It's also interesting to note that not a single black performer was nominated for album of the year, and yet two white acts who draw from hip-hop, Beck and Eminem, were. This may be an indication that this year's Grammy voters take white hip-hop acts a little more seriously. In addition, it's a shame that not a single female was nominated in the album of the year category. Then again, Lauryn Hill was a big winner a few years back.

Oh well. Let's just hope the Grammy night performances are better than the nominations.