Ready to, um, Rumble

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One-Ring Circus: The eight combatants in FOX's 'Celebrity Boxing 2'

The following warning has been issued to the United States of America: On Wednesday, May 22, the image of one Joey Buttafuoco will appear on your television screen, if tuned to FOX between the hours of 8:30-10 p.m. Do not be alarmed. There is a good chance he will get punched in the face repeatedly.

That's right, voyeurs, it's time for another edition of "Celebrity Boxing" starring sorta-recognizable people who are less boxers than they are celebrities. Let the falls from, well, somewhat short of grace continue.

The lineup is as follows:
Ron Palillo vs. Dustin Diamond
Manute Bol vs. William "The Refrigerator" Perry
Olga Korbut vs. Darva Conger
Joanie "Chyna" Laurer vs. Joey Buttafuoco

If you missed the first edition of "Celebrity Boxing", you must read James Poniewozik's brilliant review and count down's 20 lowlights. If you're one of the 15.5 million people who did tune in, you know the drill: get ready to laugh like never before while screaming to the heavens: "Why? Why! Why?!"

Face it, car crashes and train wrecks are only half as alluring as seeing a Hollywood castoff getting pummeled. And we're far from done. There are decades' worth of Hollywood Squares guests yet to go.

For now, here's how Wednesday night's matches shape up...

In this corner...
From 1975-79, Palillio played "Sweathog" Arnold Horshack on "Welcome Back, Kotter"
In this corner...
On "Saved By the Bell," Diamond played Samuel "Screech" Powers, the only nerd ever to hang out with the five most popular students in high school
The Lowdown: The entrance music of one of these class dorks has got to be the rap from "Revenge of the Nerds." Vegas gives the edge to Palillo, but don't expect a quick knockout. Diamond showed Sting-like stamina by trotting out puberty jokes for more than a decade over three "Saved By the Bell" series. And he's also a patient strategist, as he displayed in the instructional home video "Dustin Diamond Teaches Chess." We're thinking upset city.
Fearless Prediction: Decision for Diamond, who then calls out Urkel
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In this corner...
At 7-7, Bol is the tallest player in NBA history, and is recognized as a hero in his native Sudan
In this corner...
Fridge stands 7-7 tall while sunbathing and is recognized by every restaurant owner in the country
The Lowdown: Though Bol never challenged any of Wilt Chamberlain's scoring records — on or off the court — he worked himself into being a defensive standout. He'll need those defensive instincts here, because he's not going to be able to withstand many punches from Perry, whose weight equals that of a loaded school bus. Bol's best strategy would be to take advantage of his reach by throwing jabs from the locker room.
Fearless Prediction: The Fridge eats Bol in Round 1
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In this corner...
Korbut, a three-time gold medalist in the 1972 Olympics in Munich, is looking to score a perfect 10 in her ring debut
In this corner...
No stranger to demeaning FOX programming, Conger married a millionaire and scored an I've-seen-worse 7.1 in Playboy
The Lowdown: The last time a former Olympian hit took on a non-athletic bottom-feeder, Paula Jones was given a second nose job by Tonya Harding. If Korbut flies around the ring as quickly as she speeds past cashiers at grocery stores, it'll be the greatest mismatch since the Democrats sacrificed Walter Mondale in '84. Conger's strong suit, however, is a quality that has helped many an athlete in critical situations: desperation.
Fearless Prediction: Korbut Round 2
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In this corner...
The buff Laurer is the former Chyna of the former WWF (now WWE). Oh, it's so so hard to keep up
In this corner...
Two-timed his wife to fame, glory and friendships with Al Goldstein and Ron Jeremy
The Lowdown: A perfect contrast in style — one is the quintessential Neanderthal male, rugged and tough, with a closet full of sweatpants, while the other is a former auto mechanic. The crowd will most definitely be on Chyna's side, though they may also demand their $4.99 back from her own Playboy spread. (Isn't doing that supposed to boost one's career?) Remember, everyone, wrestling is not fake, it's staged. And the the end of this match, Buttafuoco will be mumbling the same while he's picking up his teeth.
Fearless Prediction: Chyna in Round 3
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All photos courtesy of FOX.