Pottermore's Pioneers: Exploring J.K. Rowling's New Site

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Plum: I want to get sorted! I want to know what we are like. I hope both of us are not in Slytherin. I really hope that.

Me: Oh, I see. When we get to the part in the story where Harry gets sorted, then we can get sorted.

Plum: Yeah! I want to get sorted. Let's hurry up and get sorted.

Me: There's the end of Chapter 3. I'm just going to sort of speed through.

Plum: But I want to see things!

Me: I thought you were getting bored.

Plum: I am! But I still want to see things.

Me: O.K., we're going to see everything we can see. Like Hagrid arriving. Look how huge and shaggy he is. [He really does look like one of the Wild Things.]

Plum: Happy birthday, Harry!

Me: Here's Diagon Alley.

Plum: [Scanning the crowd] Where's Hagrid? I thought he stood out. Apparently not.

Me: Maybe we're seeing it from Harry's point of view.

Plum: But wouldn't Harry be looking at Hagrid?

Me: [Defeated by her unassailable logic] Hm, there's a lock here. It's not letting us go on. What's this? Look, we can get the Daily Prophet. Oh, and we can get clothing. Wait, no we can't.

[At this point we hit a wall: Pottermore wasn't letting us click further into the story. Like wizard Moseses, we stood on the brink of Diagon Alley, but we couldn't go in. The site wouldn't let us until we'd explored the earlier pages more thoroughly, though it took me a while to figure that out.]

Me: Let's read about owls. "Owls are magical creatures most often used ..."

Plum: They're not magical.

Me: It says magical.

Plum: But they're not.

Me: Maybe they are. They can understand what people say to them.

Plum: They're not. They're just a normal kind of animal.

Me: I wonder what's in our trunk?

Plum: I really want to get a wand. I wonder what mine will be. I wonder if we're allowed to go to any other shops. I wonder if that's Gringotts. It looks like how Gringotts would look.

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