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Among the news stories covered in the Feb. 25, 2002, issue of TIME are the CIA, campaign finance reform, the Napstering of television and teen queens on screen.

The following are web destinations related to those stories.

(Return each week to time.com/webguide for the companion to the current issue.)


Central Intelligence Agency The department's official site, with a section on the war against terrorism, an FAQ and history of the department

The Trouble With the CIA Thomas Powers shares his opinion in the Jan. 17, 2002, New York Review of Books

In Hindsight, C.I.A. Sees Flaws That Hindered Efforts on Terror A New York Times item from October 7, 2001

Rethinking the Missions and Priorities of the Intelligence Community A lengthy educational project from January 6, 1997

TIME Archive: CIA All related articles from the magazine since 1985


Campaign Finance Information Center A searchable and continually updated portal of campaign finance news

Now, the Unintended Consequences David S. Broder's column in the Feb. 15, 2002, Washington Post

Glossary: Campaign Finance Reform An explainer of such common terms as bundling, lobbyist and soft money. Plus many more

Follow the Money A searchable database covering what specific businesses or contributors invested in elections

TIME Archive: Campaign Finance Reform All related articles from the magazine since 1985


MusicCity.com The home of Morpheus, the application used to share more than just music files

How to Get Started With Morpheus A guide from CNET on how to use this file-sharing application

Movie 88 The controversial site that streams movies for $1

TIME: Meet the Napster TIME's October 2, 2000, cover feature on Shawn Fanning, the founder of Napster


Crossroads The official site of Britney Spears' new movie

Review: Britney's 'Crossroads' a dead end If it's any consolation, the reviewer says it's not as bad as "Glitter"

Rolling Stone: Britney Spears An archive of articles related to the pop diva

A Walk to Remember The official site of Mandy Moore's new movie

MandyMoore.com The singer/actor's official home on the web


Feb. 18, 2002 Issue Topics include breast cancer, Arnold Schwarzenegger's new movie "Collateral Damage," defense spending and the trial of Slobodan Milosevic

Feb. 11, 2002 Issue Topics include volunteerism, 9/11 victims' compensation, video conferencing and identity theft

Feb. 4, 2002 Issue Topics include the Olympics, Bush's approval rating, mammograms and Jennifer Garner

Jan. 28, 2002 Issue Topics include divorce, Andrea Yates, the 1980s and Linkin Park

Jan. 21, 2002 Issue Topics include Michael Jordan, the debate over a national ID card, award shows and Enron's downfall

Jan. 14, 2002 Issue Topics include Apple computers, India-Pakistan relations, Carson Daly and the NFL postseason

Dec. 17, 2001 Issue Topics include the rock group Creed, the popular SpongeBob SqaurePants cartoon and the movie "Black Hawk Down"

Dec. 10, 2001 Issue Topics include George Harrison and the Beatles, cloning and the U.S. Ski Team