Under a New Regime

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Leaders Rogge, right, and Samaranch, center, at the Olympic Village

Jacques Rogge, the urbane and witty Belgian surgeon who was elected president of the International Olympic Committee in July, is quietly — but decisively — setting a new tone for the governing body of the Olympic movement. Acting like a CEO trying to get control over runaway costs and a bloated bureaucracy, Rogge has cut expenses by reducing the number of I.O.C. staff members attending the Games. He has also made it clear that his style is very different from that of his predecessor, Juan Antonio Samaranch, a man of expensive tastes. Rogge, a three-time Olympic competitor in yachting, is forgoing the considerable comfort of the I.O.C. hotel in Salt Lake City and has moved into more austere quarters in the Olympic Village on the edge of the University of Utah campus.