Hipster Puppies, Hipster Kittens

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My dog listens to Radiohead. She has two sweatshirts from American Apparel and occasionally naps on top of old issues of Paste magazine, and if I offer her my Olive Garden leftovers, she will eat them — ironically. Especially the breadsticks.

O.K., so I just pretend my dog does all that. Which, as weird as that is, still doesn't make me as weird as people who actually do it, such as those who features their pets on the websites Hipster Puppies and Hipster Kitty. Both combine two of the Internet's favorite things: cute animals and making fun of hipsters. If they could somehow incorporate people falling down, they might be the most popular sites on the Web.

There's Clara, the dog who wears vintage dresses and gets all her information from The Daily Show. And Bailey, the gray cat who will bore you with lectures about why he feels Fellini's is superior to La Dolce Vita. Cosmo regrets hooking up with someone at Bonnaroo, and Daisy is on Day 5 of the "master cleanse."

The LOLcats–meets–Hipster Bingo site, which launched a few weeks ago, spread across the Internet faster than that Jersey Shore clip of Snooki getting punched in the face. Hipster Puppies proves that you don't need an original idea to create a popular blog; you simply need to combine two things that people love — and sometimes love to hate. (That reminds me, I need to start my own blog: Republican Babies.)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to take my dog to the flea market. She's looking for an old victrola she can use to accessorize her Brooklyn apartment.