The Year in Viral Videos

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I watch about three YouTube videos a day when I'm at work. If they're four minutes long that means I've spent about 50 hours this year laughing, cringing and silently judging people I don't know based on their amateurish home videos. Luckily, if I write an article about them (like this one) it means that I'm not wasting time, I'm actually doing work. The rest of you have no excuse.

Videogum has paid tribute to all of the children, kittens and foulmouthed TV news anchors who have made 2009 so memorable for Internet addicts. Without further ado, we thank you: Creepy man smoking and singing Carmina Burana in the shower; Guy who paints his face like a California raisin; Cat massage instructor (remember, "petting is just randomly petting"); bad Californian public speaker; dancing babies; more dancing babies; "Kittens inspired by Kittens;" David After Dentist — and of course, Keyboard cat.