The Top 10 FAILs of 2009

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There's nothing like sweet, sweet schadenfreude to put you in the holiday spirit. Just in time for Festivus, FAIL Blog — the cult compendium of real-life blunders, pratfalls and bad moves (like a Pepsi machine selling only Coke and a toilet with a "no diving" sign) — has tallied votes from some 100,000 visitors to compile three sets of the top 10 FAILs of 2009. Let's face it: there have been plenty to choose from.

How could we forget highlights like the Balloon Boy hoax, Mark Sanford's (ahem) hiking excursion and the gate-crashing Salahis' White House cameo? They all make the top 10 "FAIL moments" list — which also revives some gems that may have slipped your mind. Remember that time a Bolivian TV network claimed to have photos of the harrowing last moments of Air France Flight 447 — only to be informed they were actually stills of a scene from Lost?

Nor would 2009 have been the same without the top 10 "FAIL people" honorees, including "opposite-marriage" enthusiast Carrie Prejean and birth-giver extraordinaire Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octomom. (Voting opened before news of Tiger Woods' philandering first broke and ended just as the fourth of his myriad alleged mistresses went public, but in a late surge he nonetheless earned an honorable mention.) Claiming the top spot on both the FAIL moments and FAIL people lists is Kanye ("I'ma let you finish") West.

The real highlight, however, is the top 10 video/photo FAILs list, a showcase for unintentional hilarity from homemade jam labeled "Tastes Like Grandma" to an unfortunate incident with a pogo stick. With so many mishaps to choose from, a few choice clips got left out. (This guy was robbed.) Still, there's something for everyone. WIN.