The Best and Worst of YouTube in Four Minutes

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Imagine you've just woken up from a 30-year coma. You don't understand computers, don't know what the Internet is or what it does and you've certainly never heard of this video-sharing site called YouTube. As you try to re-enter society, you notice that the only things people are talking about are "Sabrina Takes a Tumble," "Keyboard Cat," "David After Dentist," "Charlie Bit Me" and some guy named Chris Crocker.

Want to get caught up fast? Once you've learned how to work that PC, go ahead and Google (you'll figure it out) a video called "100 Greatest Hits of YouYube in 4 Minutes." With one minute for every year YouTube has been in existence, this video has it all: Obama Girl, the Dr. Pepper guys, Matt's funny dance and an absurdly low-flying 747. Plus lots and lots and lots of people falling down and hurting themselves. Consider this clip a welcome-back present — and your pop culture lifeline.