10 (Twitter) Questions for Ashton Kutcher

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YURIKO NAKAO / Reuters / Corbis

With more than three million followers, Ashton Kutcher is the undisputed king of Twitter. So when Kutcher agreed to take questions from TIME's readers for a 10 Questions interview, he also agreed to take ten more from TIME's followers on Twitter. What resulted is something we're calling a Twitterview, and here's what went down — in 140 characters or less.

@TIME: We're live with @aplusk for a Twitter version of 10 Questions. His new movie, Spread, is in theaters tmw. Ashton, thx for joining us.
@aplusk: thanks for having me

We'll do the big question first: @robertabently wants to know, How does it feel to be the face of Twitter?
It feels like I should own some of it but unfortunately I don't. However one person does not make a community.

From @tatianabudiono, What inspired you to make the movie, Spread?
I loved how honest the script was & I was interested in making a sexy movie. haven't seen 2 many lately & thought ppl wld like it.

From @SharkGoddess, What would you want to do for a living if you hadn't made it as an actor?
I was an engineering major in college & I'm kinda crazy about the social web so I'd probably B doing something in that realm. ironic

From @Jsatl, How much was That 70s Show responsible for where you are at now in your career? Would you do it again?
my career is a shadow of what it currently is w/o that 70's. I learned how to act, I learned abt production, and met amazing friends.

From @shortney70, Would you ever consider doing TV again? If so, what type of show would you want to do?
I would and will do TV again at some point. I love live TV so what ever I do it will be live. Live is dangerous disruptive fun

From @MrCabineto, Do you want to focus on serious roles or comedy in your next films?
I just finished a movie called Killers that's an action comedy. & monday I start a new film called Valentines day.

From @grane66, Do you ever have a rep tweet for you or take photos?

Haha. From @DougRan, How do you see Twitter impacting the film and TV industry?
I think we are in the midst of a changing tide in entertainment. Good content will always win. But the web shifts opinion quickly.

From @punyeta, What celebrity (or non-celebrity) tweets do you follow the most?
I follow my wife the most @mrskutcher but I also follow @yehudaberg who is my spiritual teacher.

And finally, from @BlackweirYurts, Who's most obsessed with Twitter, You or @mrskutcher [Demi Moore]?
I think I'm a little more obsessed than wifey but she has her days.