Ayy, Let Me Twitter Dat

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First there was the fax machine-smashing scene in Office Space. Then some guy called MC Frontalot. Weird Al. Ben Folds. Andy Samberg. Natalie Portman. Andy Samberg again. Now comedian Andy Milonakis has cashed in on the "geeky white boy raps about his cushy, middle class lifestyle for humorous effect" trend with his song "Let Me Twitter Dat."

Sure, nerdcore comedy songs have been done before — Mr. Pibb and Red Vines really are crazy delicious — but that doesn't mean this Twitter rap-rant isn't worthwhile. The Southern crunk-inspired song starts with Milonakis waking up by the pool (sidenote: why is he wearing swimming goggles?) and immediately Twittering about his nap. He continues on with tweets about wanting an omelete, needing eggs, going to a grocery store, and being a Twitter celebrity. (Read about celebrity Twitter users.)

Milonakis isn't just bashing celebrity tweeters and their tendency to overshare facts about themselves on the assumption that because they're famous, people care that their car needs an oil change. (Cause we don't! Okay, maybe we do.) In fact, Milonakis doesn't even hate Twitter; he actually uses Twitter. He "tweets" about food, hanging out at parties, and now that his song has become popular, he is tweeting about "Let Me Twitter Dat." The tune's got an insanely catchy Soulja Boy/Unk thing going on, but at the end of the day, Andy Milonakis is still a pudgy white dude sippin' on punch at a brunch.

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