Super Obama World

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Political junkies already have the Obama soundtrack, the Obama commemorative plate and Obama condoms. Now, for those of you who want to relive the excitement of the whirlwind 2008 presidential election campaign, there's Super Obama World.

The free online video game, created by the Madison, Wisc.-based three-person software company Zensoft, is based on the '90s Nintendo classic Super Mario World; Obama must battle his way across a pixilated Alaska, fighting through various snow-covered levels before facing off against Big Boss Sarah Palin (If you were hoping to fight John McCain, there's always candidate kung-fu).

The gameplay is a fond throwback to Super Mario and his 16-bit adventures; Obama collects American flag lapel pins while fending off lipstick-wearing pigs, lobbyists and out-of-control racks of Sarah Palin's wardrobe (knocking one over is worth 150,000 points. Ba-dum), all the while maintaining his trademark grin and superhuman cool. Watch out for that bridge to nowhere, though — and those piles of burning books at the Wasilla library.

Zensoft is planning future levels of the game that will take Super Obama to Illinois and of course, the White House. Meanwhile, there hasn't been such a fun way to waste time at work since Sodoku.

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