Tears for Fears: The Literal Remix

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If it's funny once, surely it'll be funny a second time. That's the idea behind Jeff Foxworthy jokes, Mike Myers movies and Carrot Top's entire existence. And now the philosophy has spread to the folks over at Funny or Die, who have posted the second literal music video with a version of the 1985 Tears for Fears song Head over Heels.

The video is a follow-up to the literal A-Ha video-turned-Internet-hit. This one takes place in a library and is about a guy who falls "head over heels" for the would-be-hot-if-she-weren't-wearing-enormous-glasses librarian. But like any good 1980s music video, it doesn't make any sense—a monkey, a man in a gas mask, and a rabbi all make absurdist cameos. So when the parody's creator, Dustin McLean, references them directly—"Now the rabbi's walking right behind me"—it's funny. At least, it's supposed to be funny. It is supposed to be funny, right? I don't know, it just seems too much like a Weird Al video.

Still, the literal Head over Heels is amusing enough to merit a smirk, and at the very least it'll manage to get some of the cheesiest synth lines of the "Me" decade stuck in your head all over again. At least the video got one thing right: that keyboardist really does look like Dave Coulier.