Paris for President! (Again)

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See Paris Hilton's new "campaign" ad below

Paris Hilton was involuntarily swept into this year's Presidential campaign when John McCain compared Barack Obama to the heiress — unfavorably — in a campaign ad titled "Celebrity". But like any good reality-show superstar, she's taken her shot at (yet more) fame and run with it. Now, despite her conspicuous absence from the recent debates, which Hilton promised some bitches she would attend, the self-delcared fake candidate for the fake presidency is back — and this time, she's got company.

In her new ad posted Oct. 8, Paris gets tips from the greatest Fake President of our time, Jed Bartlet — better known to those of us who don't obsessively watch West Wing DVDs as actor Martin Sheen. The BFFs share a quiet moment at the kitchen table as a party rages elsewhere in Paris' mansion. Wearing what appears to be a "transvestite Paris" Halloween costume, Hilton asks Sheen for help crafting her "FoPo" (foreign policy, silly) and economic platforms. Citing the current global economic crisis as "the biggest Depression since The Notebook," she gives a stiff, rehearsed stance on what should be done in Iraq and with the crumbling mortgage market — at least in that respect managing to hold her own with certain real candidates.

Bartlet gamely keeps up, although his own absurd attempts at Paris-isms ("Peace All!") abetted by a cameo from Fake First Son Charlie Harper are horrific. Still, the scariest thing about the whole video might be that Paris' policy recommendations (essentially, declare victory and get the hell out of Iraq; force banks to renegotiate interest rates for homeowners underwater on their loans) actually sound halfway reasonable. But maybe that's just compared to her makeup.

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