Don't Vote! These Celebs Don't Care

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Scroll down to the bottom to play the YouTube video

Voter registration deadlines start Oct. 4, and who better to spread the word than Google and Leonardo DiCaprio and Dustin Hoffman and Ellen DeGeneres and Forest Whitaker and Jonah Hill and Benicio Del Toro... The list goes on for a whopping total of 30 celebrities in this viral video telling you NOT to vote, you misinformed, ignoramus of a so-called American citizen! And if a gaggle of openly condescending A- and B-list celebrities throwing out insults doesn't stir your patriotic loins, well, as Leo says, "I don't even know what to say to you." You see what he's doing? It's reverse psychology. And as we all know from old Marx Brothers skits ("Yes you do." "No I don't." "No you don't." "Yes I do."), reverse psychology always works.

About four minutes in, a link appears at the bottom of the screen to Google's new voter registration map, which went live on Aug. 25 (the video followed on Oct. 1). The map allows anyone in the U.S. to find out if he or she is registered and how to take action if not. DiCaprio puts his best gangsta foot forward saying "What I'm gonna do is ... I'm gonna wait around while you write this information down." Write it down? Isn't this an online video? Can't we just click? Don't think you're done when you register yourself. They go on to beg you to forward to five people too.

Some more lowlights: Courtney Cox: "You're probably online right now, aren't you?" Duh. Dustin Hoffman: "All you need is a mouse." Can't you just picture old Dusty clicking his disconnected mouse in front of the T.V.?

But the show stealer, by far, is Jonah Hill, who plays unfazed ignorance to a tee with lines like: '"The economy's in the toilet. Who gives a sh--? I don't care. I got so much money," and "I've never fought a war on drugs. I've never done sh-- on drugs besides played Halo 2." The zinger: "I got 19 kids. Never used abortion once." He is Superbad. This ad is not.