More Questions for Hilary Swank

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TIME's interview with the star of The Reaping continues on Read these extra questions with Hillary Swank

Do you believe in God? —Dimitrios Christofileas from Athens, Greece

I definitely believe in a higher power.

With Muslims killing over cartoons and even American citizens being fired for just questioning religious dogmas, were you worried about taking a role that may endanger your life? —Mitchell Heldt, Sycamore, IL

No, good question, but this is a very smart supernatural thriller and there are definitely these elements of the movie that people are asking, and I love that it makes people want to ask these questions about faith and lack of faith, and it has this intense Biblical place, but more than anything, it's just a fun movie that's entertaining and suspenseful.

How can you tell the difference between a lunatic who claims to speak to God and a truly spiritual person? —William Ross, Wesley Chapel

I don't know the answer to that. Wish I could answer it for him, but I don't know. [Laughs.]

If there was really a plague of frogs in Louisiana (as happens in The Reaping), wouldn't they just have a big Cajun frog-leg barbecue? —Ben Buckner from Irvine, CA

[Laughs.] Maybe some sort of frog-leg gumbo.

Why do you think so many in your profession support Democrats over Republicans? —Roy Emery from Canberra, Australia

I have no idea. It might not be that there are more Democrats — they just might be the more vocal ones.

Do you have a favorite in the upcoming presidential elections? —Antonie Brady from Springfield Gardens

I don't usually talk about my politics as a general rule.

Hilary, which character (in all the movies that you have done) do you compare yourself to, personality-wise? —Octavio Espaillat from Wellington, FL

I don't know. I feel like they all have a piece of me in them.

You seem to be pretty grounded compared to many Hollywood actors. What is it about you that keeps you that way and is that something you consciously think about? —Steve Cox from Hamilton, New Zealand

I have a great support system around me, and I'm always just thankful for getting to do what I love. I really always try not to take it for granted, and maybe that contributes to that.

Do you see yourself as a motivator? —Mohit Virendra from Buffalo, NY

No, not really. I just see myself as being fortunate to be able to do what I love and to talk about it and to work with people who inspire me. [The Reaping] is one of those fun movies that makes you think, but it's a great ride, and the filming of it was a lot of fun, we had a lot of fun together as a cast and crew. We really enjoyed our time together in Louisiana. It was fun.

Has winning two Oscars been good or bad for you and your career? —Allaneo from Philippines

I'm really just thankful for the opportunities that they've afforded me. Getting something like that is really humbling and it allows you to continue to work on quality projects and I'm really thankful for that. People probably think that there's probably an amount of, I don't know, drama or something that may come with them, but that's good. That's what I would hope people would think that I would do something that would be smart, because [The Reaping] is definitely a smart supernatural thriller.

Who is the one person who truly inspires you and why? —Lim Thean Soo, Vernon from Singapore

I would say my mom, because she's never given up and she's the hardest worker I know.

What would you choose: youth or maturity? —Farrukh Zaman from Karachi, Pakistan

Maturity. Because I would say you hopefully don't make the same mistakes twice. You hopefully learn from those mistakes.

Will you take me back? —Chadley Lowenstein from Hollywood, CA

[Laughs.] Um, I don't know how to even begin to answer that. [Laughs.]