Awaiting Baby Brangelina

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It's official. The world's hottest human is in utero. “Yes, I'm pregnant,” Angelina Jolie told a charity aid worker in the Dominican Republic, according to People magazine. After months of cozily co-parenting two international adoptees, Cambodia-born Maddox, 4, and Ethiopia-born Zahara Marley, 1, Hollywood's improbably gorgeous globe-trotting couple Jolie, 30, and her Mr. and Mrs. Smith costar Brad Pitt, 42, have decided to procure a new baby the old-fashioned way. The very public but oft-denied romance began amid rumors that Pitt and his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston separated because he wanted to start a family and Aniston did not. Enter that irresistible, orphan-toting United Nations spokeswoman Jolie on the 2005 set of Smith, and by last December a smitten Pitt was formally adopting Maddox and Zahara. Jolie, who is in the Dominican Republic filming The Good Shepherd with Matt Damon, has said she would like to adopt again. Apparently the couple's shared dream of a UN-style playroom has only just begun.