Questions for Nicole Richie

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Q: At 24, what could you possibly have to say in a book?

A: I was approached to write a self-help book and I didn't feel like taking on that responsibility. I'm still growing myself. But writing a story is something every girl does, even when she's little. I spoke to my dad [singer Lionel Richie] and asked him how he writes his songs and he said he just grabs his experiences from his life and turns them into songs, so I took that approach.

Q: You've said Drew Barrymore is your heroine. Why?

A: She provides hope that children in the entertainment world can go through a hard time and really come out on top.

Q: What do you check in the employment box?

A: I act. I sing. I write. I design jewelry. I check the entertainer box.

Q: Are you going to involve your dad on your album?

A: Not yet. He and I have been playing piano together since I was very little but we're not going to do that on the album.

Q: As the child of a famous singer, are you intimated to tackle music?

A: Lisa Marie Presley has lessened my anxiety. Natalie Cole, too. There are people who have paved the way.

Q: When you were making The Simple Life, did you ever envy the people you stayed with?

A: They're very close families and they eat dinner together every night, which is something we don't do in my family.

Q: Did you really have to explain to Paris what Wal-Mart is?

A: Yes, that was not staged.

Q: You're getting married. Are you changing your name?

A: I might hyphenate.